SciTE - Scintilla Text Editor with Extensions

SciTE - Scintilla Text Editor with Extensions 2.01

SciTE is a handy small-footprint source code editor

Coming with lots of useful extensions, SciTE is a portable text editor that has a small foot print source code, and good functionality. The application is helpful in editing and debugging source code. Its key features include error indicators, syntax styling, code completion, and call tips.

SciTE is abbreviated as SCIntilla based Text Editor, which was basically built to demonstrate Scintilla, but came up as a multipurpose text editor with various facilities for building and running programs, possessing many extensions in due course. SciTE is a free source code application, which gives the user all the liberty to use it in any private or commercial product. It comes with all the standard text editing components along with other useful functionalities such as styling choices with vivid options right from multiple back-ground and fore-ground colors and fonts along with proportional fonts, down to various variants like bold and italic fonts.

As a matter of fact, users can even customize this application but caution must be exercised as making any further customizations to the global property files, and upgrading, will cause these files to be overwritten and the changes will be lost. Moreover, the user must also make sure that SciTE is not running during the upgrade, otherwise the system will require a reboot.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Handy text editor, highly useful for debugging source codes


  • Customizations isn’t easy
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